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Last updated March 1st, 2024 from my home in Bogot谩.

What鈥檚 happening in my life right about now.

Family 馃挍

90% of my free time goes to my family. Monkeying around is my true full-time job 馃悞, and I have a couple of very cute and demanding 2-year-old bosses demanding I work overtime!

Gaming 馃幃

I鈥檝e always been a PC gamer, but I had consoles for the occasional first-party AAA release. I recently sold my Switch and PS5 because of lack of use (I had already gone through all the titles I deemed worthy). I had been itching to go back to PC gaming, but hunkering down in my office to play is simply not possible with my 2 kids around (and not something I want to do anyways, gotta play with them while they are awake!). So I decided to buy myself a Steam Deck and have been playing diverse roguelikes while the kids sleep.

Latest time-sinkers:

Work 馃О

I鈥檓 currently a Tech Director for New Product Development in R5, a Colombian Fintech focused on products for vehicle owners. That means I manage the web development and data teams for all our new ideas that we want to test out, which is currently ~15 people including myself. I previously created and managed the Data team for the whole company as its Data Director.

My work mainly entails a ton of coding, team management, strategy + culture work together with the rest of the C-Team and collaborating on product ideas together with Ricardo and Fernando, who manage the product and business side of NPD.

Entrepreneurship 馃ぉ

My initial idea after selling Finco was to create an impact-focused Fintech, aimed at facilitating higher education for promising but disadvantaged young people. They would have paid back with income-sharing after graduating (you can read more details in /ideas). That didn鈥檛 pan out because of the macroeconomics of the moment (luckily).

I鈥檝e since learned that creating a large-scale, social-impact company is even riskier than founding a 鈥榥ormal鈥 tech startup. Since I now have responsibilities with the future of my children, I decided I must first lower my risk to a point where I鈥檓 financially comfortable with the prospect of complete failure, so that I can truly aim for the moon 馃殌.

Hence, before launching my social impact venture I鈥檝e been looking into creating a 猸恖ifestyle business猸, and not necessarily a tech-based one at that. A lifestyle business is one where you are not aiming for complete world domination, profit-maximizing, or infinite-growth metrics, but rather just to achieve a stable level of income.

This can be a niche SaaS 馃懇鈥嶐煉, a car wash 馃殫, a medium-sized mall, a piece of cool hardware, or anything really. Just not something that would be interesting to a typical VC, not something that is likely to become a unicorn, and most definitely not something that requires high-complexity teams and processes. It must be simple (at least compared to a VC-backed tech startup), manageable and stable-ish.

I spend a lot of my time brainstorming possible ideas that fit this description, as well as lurking on HackerNews and IndieHackers for inspiration. You can see some in my /ideas page.